ON TRIAL New anti-theft app helps recover Jaguar XF after crooks stole it from driveway of tech boss

AN innovative new car app has helped recover a £30,000 Jaguar XF – after thieves made the mistake of targeting the tech firm’s boss.

Managing director Chris Wright turned to the Digital Garage smartphone app when he woke up and realised he’d been burgled and his luxury Brit saloon had been stolen.

Chris Wright

Chris Wright was one of few trialling new app – and it saved his Jaguar XF

He immediately reported the theft to West Yorkshire Police before remembering the trial app was installed.

Chris is one of a handful of Cap HPI staff currently trialling the app ahead of a nationwide roll-out.

The app is linked to an owner’s car providing instant information like GPS location, outstanding finance, vehicle history and mileage information.

Chris said: “I remembered I was part of the beta testing group and thought I would just check where the app had tracked my car.

“I could see the exact time the car was taken from my property and where it had been taken to and parked. It also tracked the route the thieves had taken and what speeds they were going.

“The data even informed me that at 2.44am the top speed reached was 92mph and that £1.08 worth of fuel had been used.”

Digital Garage app

Digital Garage displays key information about your car

Digital Garage app

App shows location of car – plus a digital image of what it looks like

The detailed log was passed to cops who were able to track down the car and recover it without any damage.

Chris added: “I was informed that mine was one of many cars to have been taken as part of a recent spate of thefts in the Aireborough and Wharfedale district.

ON ALERT How to protect your car from getting stolen from your driveway WITHOUT crooks ever having the keys

“The police were amazed when I could give them the level of detail that the app had provided and even offering useful data such as routes and unusual locations where the car was dumped, obviously as a test by the thieves to see if the car was tracked.”

The Digital Garage app uses a connection through the on-board diagnostic port – present on most cars built after 2005.

Other tracking apps use similar software but the Cap HPI app also allows owners access to live vehicle information.

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