Another Bloody Silent Attack in Eleme.

“They Fled After they Presumed I had Given up” Aleyla-Obari Emmanuel Nwanje Narrates his ordeal; Calls on Law enforcement agents to Bring His Attackers to Book.


As most political folks continue to hail what they picture as a decline in youth restiveness but in the real sense amounts to a grievous premature birth of politically motivated shadow, sculptured in the image of relative peace and amnesty in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State. Reverse has become the case following increasing spate of silent attacks on innocent citizens which are often not reported in the mainstream media but gaining momentum as a reserve for terror and fear is been built in the minds of the innocent who suffer most.

Victims of such attacks are either afraid to mention the names of the perpetrators for the fear of more deadly attacks and in most cases completely decline media interviews and avoid making formal police statements.

This ugly trend is no doubt strengthening the underworld who now capitalize on the fears of the people to rain more terror, unleash unimaginable mayhem, match down the streets untouched and reign supreme over the community, the government and the law.
One maybe tempted to ask, do we still have criminal laws and fair justice system that can clamp down on this evil doers? where are the law enforcement agents and the avalanche of vehicles been donated in quantum by the Rivers State Government to aid security? or
Can such high risk security information be entrusted with the police following recent statistics that the Judiciary and the Police are the most corrupt in this country?

Well! That will be a topic for another day but however, Focus Eleme took a desperate drive into the story of one of the victims by name Engr. Aleyla-Obari Emmanuel Nwanje from Ogale, in Eleme Local Government Area who was recently attacked by men of the underworld for reasons yet unknown. Emmanuel is a young entrepreneur and resident of Abuja who came home for a brief stay but was served a hot brutal dish of terror and left in the pool of his own blood,  almost lifeless.

His narratives with pictorial elements can best be described as the story of a gracious being who survived at the mercies of divine intervention, not of man but of heaven.

According to him, “on Monday 21st August, 2017 I just arrived for holiday in order to have some time with my family after over two years of absence due to my NYSC program and my entrepreneurial pursuit in Abuja and Lagos respectively. About 9:45am on this way, after an intensive sanitation in my compound, two (2) guys with dangerous weapons attacked me, unleashing terror on me and fled after they presumed I had given up. This violence was done while my Mother & sisters watched helplessly. Further eyewitnesses confirmed that the attackers were escorted by other hoodlums who ensured they escaped after the incident. The identified suspects by eyewitnesses are Ngiate Wuwu, kelechi Boy, Sam Wyte Chu Nwafor, Phill Wokoma aka Phildaxi and others. A formal police report has been made, and we the The Family of Late Hon. Samuel Jeremiah Ogbonne Nwanje States clearly that the perpetrators be brought to face the law accordingly”3.jpg


Although efforts are ongoing to hear from the accused who at press time could not be reached. It can be recalled that a veteran Pastor and General Overseer of Kingdom Peoples Mission in Ebubu Apostle Captain Eleru LAC was recently kidnapped and his car burnt beyond recognition. The where about of the pastor has remained a mystery as no call has been made by his abductors demanding for ransom for over a month now.



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