Unknown gun men yesterday shot dead an illustrious son and Elder of Eteo Clan, in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State Highchief Tobiah Ollorbachi Ollornwi (JP) .

The gun men who invaded his residence were said to have trailed him on his way back home at about 7:05pm on Saturday. 

According to a family member, “he was accompanied into his car garage by some unknown boys and immediately he parked they started dragging. What we heard in the process was a gunshot. They shot at him and pushed him out of the car. They entered his car, put it on reverse and pulled it out of the garage. At that point he narrowly escaped and ran out but they went after him and shot at him for the second time and whisked away with his Toyota Camry car. He couldn’t withstand it anymore, the bruises were too much and all efforts to resuscitate him proved abortive as the doctor pronounced him dead due to lost of blood” 

The Divisional Police officer of the Onne Eleme police division has so far been briefed, he added. 

Eteo, like her neighbouring clan Ebubu has suffered several afflictions and death in recent past as a result of cult related clash but have also been enjoying relative peace for the past months due to effective military patrol. This sudden occurance will no doubt breed fear and mistrust amongst the people mostly as the 2019 general election draw near and political gladiators begin to cast verbal spear at each other. 

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