Focus Eleme is an online Photographic Magazine of Aperture Vision, setup to Promote its in-house activities and by extension give her host community a facelift.

As a photographic magazine, we are more concern with the use of photographs and other visual images to include motion pictures as means of story telling thus, bringing to societal consciousness the artistic and developmental role photography plays in todays society.

Unlike other conventional prints and regional tabloids in circulation, Focus Eleme will serve as a 21st century online photographic Library and a window of opportunity linking our rural communities with the global village hence attracting sustainable development by bringing both local and foreign player on the same stage with one voice and purpose.

Our weekly online TV-Show will further Focus on building Classic and entertaining contents from diverse events that make news, featuring lifestyle events, Vox Pop, Documentary and Short films, arts and culture, and major news reviews..

We are not just the first but also the best in providing you with classic contents in Eleme.

While others struggle to drive your attention, we help keep you Focused because TO BE FOCUS, YOU NEED TO STAY FOCUSED